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A Music Room for discovering, learning and interacting with traditional Greek music instruments and dances

Bookscanner S.A.

Bookscanner was launched as an SME whose primary business was the automatic digitization of printed material with precision and reliability using state-of-the-art methods. In this frame, it introduced a breakthrough product, CURLO (Cloud based simulation of page curling in documents coping), offering its service through Fortissimo (EU Funded within the I4MS initiative) marketplace. Based on this, the company evolved in digital content processes and market, managing various projects of digitization and covering needs for restoration, preservation and exhibition. The field of culture became, among others, one of its concentrations. The company’s services are unique due to the use of anthropological and in general social sciences methods combined with traditional tools. Its human-science character offers the diversity and uniqueness in project idea capturing, consulting and implementation among Greek SMSs, demonstrating an innovative, open and forward-thinking profile.

Democritus University of Thrace

Department of Production and Management Engineering Department, DUTH

The team of the Laboratory of Robotics and Automation performs and promotes research on application problems at the area of robotics for industrial and service applications, as well as industrial automation. It utilizes state-of-the-art tools towards the expansion of the scientific and technological front in research areas including robotics, artificial vision, intelligent systems and pattern recognition, and seeks ways to integrate them seamlessly with other industry 4.0 technologies. The Laboratory possesses a long-standing experience in collaborative projects at European and National levels with several renowned industrial and academic partners. Eventually, it plays a central role in promoting and advancing Industry 4.0 concepts on Greek and European levels.

Xanthi’s Progressive Union, known as FEX, is a cultural organization consecutively present at the city of Xanthi since 1952 with a robust role as a bearer of social and cultural development, innovation and safeguarding in Thrace and Northeastern Greece broadly. The Union has initiated the Public Library of Xanthi, the Public Library of Avdera, The Folklore Museum of Xanthi, the Film Association of Xanthi, the Cultural Radio, cultural and educational workshops and numerous long-life festivals and events. Its rich and multifaceted work is taking place in the Folklore Museum of Xanthi, the House of Culture and the Tobacco House (over 2000 sq.m) -three spaces where FEX realizes an extended number of projects and workshops-, but to other indoor and outdoor spaces of the area also. With over 1000 members, it incarnates a continuous powerful and creative presence attracting over 30.000 visitors annually to its events in a city-amalgam of various social, religious and ethnic groups.